New: Super 70

Our sub 70kg microlight, designed to meet the UK's SPHG (sub 70kg ) Rules. Also complies with other sub 70kg empty weight rules (Australia and others)


Featuring a redesigned spirit wing and a newly developed trike

Buy it ready to fly, out of the export box with engine & prop OR buy just trike and wing and get the engine from the UK dealer yourself.

“Spirit 16” Hang Gliders are designed to suit rough operation for beginners, intermediate and recreational soaring pilots.

Easy to rig with quick fix fittings so that you can spend more time in the air.

Very easy take off with responsive handling. Progressive and forgiving stall characteristics. Lots of feedback for easy flying and landing.


An Affordable Intermediate and recreational hang glider.

New: Improved MV-X Engine

New modifications including reduction drive and propeller type gives up to 1000 feet per minute climb rate on certain wings.

Our MV-X engine is now proven on all our wings, both fast and slow. Great climb rate with economy that you want. Easy to maintain and light weight without complexity.

New: Agent in the UK
New: Improved Redrives for all single cylinder commercial engines

Better ratio for better power.

Lighter weight.

With 75 and 60 mm PCD fitting of propellers

As-tec 13 & 15 wings.

All new orders have laminated sails as options