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About Ace Aviation

Ace Aviation was created out of the practical experience of one man and his love for flying and design of aero - sports equipment. 
John Penry-Evans, first flew hang gliders in his teens in the mid 1970`s when hang gliding design was still young. Since those early days he had a wide and varied experience flying in most types of aero sports equipment both free flight and powered.


John started working for Birdman Sports in the late 1970`s and eventually managed the sail loft. Birdman Sports was the precursor to Solar wings, Pegasus and P&M Aviation in the UK.


John also worked for Hiway Hang Gliders, FireBird Products at Seeg, Bavaria, The Dragon Light Aircraft Company at Cardiff Wales airport and Apco Aviation in Israel. He then worked at Hornet Microlights at Bradford UK, went back to Apco in Israel, before an opportunity came to work for Raj Hamsa in Mysore, India, the company that made the X-Air ultralights.


After 3 years at Raj Hamsa, John and his wife Noelene (That he met and married in India) moved back to the UK.

Ace Aviation was formed and the business ran out of Pembrey Airfield Industrial Estate. After initial designs were made for trikes and wings they moved back to Ooty, India in 1998.

OOty, India:   Our manufacturing base is high up in the Nilgiri Hills near OOty (7,500 feet ASL).


Redrives: Ace Aviation manufacture redrives for many engines.
The very first redrive was designed by Kevin Armstrong when he modified the Briggs and Stratton engine for his Ace Aviation Magic trike. We have improved and modified the redrives for many different engines. We now make redrives for many different engines.
To date July 1st 2022), over 475 redrives have been sold globally.


R&D on engines:  We carry out R&D on several engines that we offer. The MV-X and the MV-XS, both are variations of the robust Simonini Mini 3 engine that we have improved to yield more power and thrust; with Simonini`s full warrantee in writing. Both of these engines develop more power and thrust than the standard engines at less rpm. The MV-X has 110 KG's thrust and the MV-XS has 125 KG's thrust. Standard engines produce between 95-100 KG's of thrust.

Fabric parts for Ultralight Aircraft.

We make aircraft "all weather covers" for mainly fixed wing ultralights / microlights like the X-Air. Also dust covers and all weather covers for flex-wings. We sub contract for other aero sports companies around the world and use aircraft grade materials and billet extrusions for all machining and milled parts.

Sub Contracting

  • We make parts and assemblies for many aero sports companies that produce certified aircraft.


Please write to us for a quotation for any parts or assemblies that you may want, including sails and fabric parts.

Sails:  to the U.S.A.


Ace Aviation offers excellent quality at very affordable prices. We are dedicated to our customers.


Seriously affordable flying

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