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Spirit 16

Spirit 16

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The Spirit Hang Gliders were designed to suit rough operation for beginners, intermediate and recreational soaring pilots.

Easy to rig with quick fix fittings so that you can spend more time in the air.

Very easy take off with responsive handling. Progressive and forgiving stall characteristics. Lots of feedback for easy flying and landing.


The sail is made from the best European sailcloth, has refinements like reinforcements at all points of highest tension so that the wing will resist damage and stretch and has adjustable tips and battens for easy washout adjustment, span tension and chord-wise tension.

The “Spirit" hang gliders all feature:

  • Quick nose catch for easy ground rigging.

  • Single pin connection for king post removal.

  • Quick X-tube pull back with mushroom bolt, with simple, failsafe safety pin fixing.

  • All Spirit wings can be short packed to 3.7 meters.

  • Nose cone for more aerodynamic airflow.

  • Quick adjustment of washout and tip tension.

  • Quick, adjustable snap on batten ends.

  • Easy, foldable control frame.

  • Protective cushions for all vulnerable parts. 

Spirit 19

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Spirit 19 Tandem

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