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As-tec 13

Features: Strutted (topless) wing, adjustable battens, easy fold trike.


Front wheel folds over the seat; the same as all our trikes. Rear axles fold outward for easy rigging. Seat is heavily padded with extra thigh support for comfort on long flights.


Engines can be used from 26 to 36 Hp.


As-tec strutted wings are very simple to set up. Have all the advantages of being de-rigged on the trike and towed home to avoid hanger fees.

Mk 2 Magic Trike.       Fully padded bucket seat

2 large side bags 

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We are substantially less cost with very high quality compared to similar products from other world manufacturers, even when freight & delivery is factored in

1 - Magic trike. Black faring with M V-X engine.jpg

All of our SSDR (Par 103) wings are designed specifically to be compatible with all of our trikes

All wings can be short packed to 3.7 meters

Our trikes and wings are NOT kits!

Ready to fly, all trikes & wings are fully rigged, triple checked and just a handful of bolts removed to put into the export boxes

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