Kudos V-17

Features: Very easy and very confidence inspiring to fly. Heavily padded seats for long comfortable flights. Machined parts for all joints & couplings (No welding) and 8 inch wheels & tyres for rugged operation on both tarmac and un-prepared airfields make it easy to land anywhere.


As an entry level machine, there is nothing basic about the Kudos V-17.


Easy adjustment on front forks for pilot leg length for the taller pilots are a standard feature on all Ace Aviation’s trikes.


Standard large flush fitting zipped side bags to take all of the equipment you'll need on any long X-C flight.


High build and finish quality that we are renowned for.

Standard design features:


· Alloy Wheels, tarmac tyres & Disc brake on front.

· Rear fairing has 2 zipped bags.

· Adjustable forks with 120 mm leg movement.

· Instrument Binnacle with cruise throttle. Instruments bought separately.

· Over center batten ends with Allen key adjustment. No need to take the battens out for adjustment.

· Wired for kill switch & starter button. Complete wiring when buying engine.

· Cruise and Foot throttle, standard.

· Adjustable wing tips for washout and sail tension.
· Aero type release seat buckles.

· 40 litre ethanol resistant fuel tank.

· Machined 1 piece hang block

Our trikes and wings are NOT kits!

Ready to fly, all trikes & wings are fully rigged, triple checked and just a handful of bolts removed to put into the export boxes