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The Magic, our top of the range trike with a full seat fairing, comes with two standard large pockets. A fully padded bucket seat and two optional separate large side pannier bags are are available to make those long flights more comfortable. The Magic takes all of our wings and engines, most accessories come as standard on the Magic, but optional extras are available, so feel free to customise your trike the way you want.

Magic Trike standard optional table.jpg

Additional integral aerodynamic shaped storage bags. Separate internal lift out bags. Allows huge baggage volume for those long distance stop over flights.


Price £ 79. If bought with trike.


Including packaging & delivery to most of mainland Europe

All of our SSDR (Par 103) wings are designed specifically to be compatible with all of our trikes

We are substantially less cost with very high quality compared to similar products from other world manufacturers, even when freight & delivery is factored in

Our trikes and wings are NOT kits!

Ready to fly, all trikes & wings are fully rigged, triple checked and just a handful of bolts removed to put into the export boxes

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