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Spirit Wing:  Is the easiest to fly of all our wings. Light in roll and pitch. A real fun wing to fly giving all the necessary confidence to all pilots whatever their experience.


A hang glider world record holder for “Altitude gained in thermals” (Mike Pollard) said: The Spirit is a superb soaring wing, especially with the trimmer set up.


So with the cruise trimmer option the pilot can slow the speed down to a more manageable hands off speed to stay in the thermal without the need to push out. It can also be trimmed for a lower speed so that you can get the economy that you desire from the engine, as Rpm will drop significantly with the lower trimmed hands off speed.


The Spirit, like all our wings, rigs easily and can also be de-rigged and stored on the trike for road transport or hangar storage. Just like a strutted wing.

Ace Aviation Powered hang glider in Malaysia.JPG

Spirit Wing with new X-ERO Trike

All of our SSDR (Par 103) wings are designed specifically to be compatible with all of our trikes

All wings can be short packed to 3.7 meters

We are substantially less cost with very high quality compared to similar products from other world manufacturers, even when freight & delivery is factored in

Our trikes and wings are NOT kits!

Ready to fly, all trikes & wings are fully rigged, triple checked and just a handful of bolts removed to put into the export boxes

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