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TOUCH 70  and  SPIRIT 70

The lightest of our range. Meets the UK SPHG (sub 70 Kg) rules, which is the empty weight of wing, trike with engine and prop including fuel.


Recommended Engines: Vittorazi Moster 25 hp. Black Devil 25 hp. Black Bull 33 hp.


Touch 70 and Spirit 70 are 175 KG`s MAUW.

Light weight Touch 70 and Spirit 70 wings with Super 70 trikes are easy to rig. Takes one person to coupling trike to the wing.

1 - 2 - New Touch 70.jpg
1 - Touch 70 - Copy.jpg

Light weight, chunky wheels and over center tensioner for easy

de-rigging axles.


120 mm fork distance adjustment for tall or short pilots.

Touch 70 and Spirit 70 should not be customised due to the UK SPHG weight rules.

1 - Touch 70. Spirit 70 spec.jpg
2 - New improved Super 70 trike.jpg

Super 70 trike. Fully faired with headrest / bag. All in price.

All wings can be short packed to 3.7 meters

We are substantially less cost with very high quality compared to similar products from other manufacturers, even when freight & delivery is factored in.

1 - Spirit 70.jpg

Our trikes and wings are NOT kits!

The UK agent fully builds them with engine and prop, ready to fly.

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