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Ace Aviation is one of the most outstanding manufacturers of complete microlight aircraft in the world, always pushing the boundaries of innovation with individual design to bring you microlights of the highest quality. The knowledge contained within Ace Aviation has been acquired over 4 decades of designing and manufacturing microlight aircraft. From the early days of hang gliding to the modern era of  ultralight/microlight aircraft, we've been there to see it all.

The aircraft we make at Ace Aviation are designed to worldwide standards such as the UK's Section "S" rules and the USA's LSA rules. Each customer's product is scrutinized when it is rigged to ensure that nothing but quality leaves our premises. All parts and assemblies are checked for quality three times during the assembly build before they are approved by us and then put into the export box. Our prices are the most affordable in the world for such professionally made products, and the quality of the aircraft we make is extremely high, this means you're getting the best value for your money.

Our microlights are designed using the UK Section “S” certified rules as a guide line to go above and beyond what is needed for the UK, SSDR and the USA, Par 103 rules, so there's no doubt you'll be getting the best of the best microlight aircraft out there.

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